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    Are you looking for a High Performance Solar Power System?

    Then look no further than the Solahart systems. With more than 1 million installations in over 70 countries, Solahart is a world leader in solar energy.

    Solahart is known as one of the first to recognise Free energy produced by the sun. In 1953 in Australia Solahart were pioneers in the solar water heating sector and today their solar power PV systems offer huge energy savings to home owners and business owners who switch to solar.

    Solahart is known for producing one of the most efficient solar systems in the world. For over 65 years Solahart has been a trusted name in Australia.

    To add to your peace of mind, all Solahart products are backed by our comprehensive warranty.

    Solahart Silhouette Solar Power Panels


    • Perfect choice for Australian homes.
    • Stylish, all black appearance
    • Designed to complement contemporary roofing designs
    • Advanced cell technology
    • Superior ‘low-light’ and ‘high-heat’ performances result in a consistently high yield.

    Solahart Solar Power Panels have Higher Yields For Weather Extremes.

    The solar power panels feature:

    • Australian-designed PERC (Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell
    • Monocrystalline cell technology
    • Generates high yields per surface area
    • High performance under real conditions with exceptional low-light and high-temperature behaviour
    • Produces High yields all day regardless of light.
    • Reliable yields on hot days than standard solar power panels.

    The back of every cell within the Solahart Silhouette Solar Power Panel is treated with PERC technology so that they work like mirrors.

    Rays of sunlight that would usually be wasted are reflected through the panels to generate more electricity and increase your panels’ yield.

    During our testing process we go through four levels of quality testing
    The Solahart Silhouette Solar Power Panels testing includes:

    • IEC Certification, an internationally recognised panel check.
    • Quality tested through VDE, the gold standard for European auditing and testing authorities.
    • Regular Factory Quality tests
    • Solahart Quality Program, developed by Solahart R&D in Australia.

    Solahart panels are built for Australian Conditions Designed in Germany
    and built for the harshest Australian conditions.

    • Output is guaranteed to be at least 83.6% of the nominal power for up to 25 years
    • Tested by the Cyclone Testing Station at James Cook University in Townsville
    • They’ve survived cyclones similar to Cyclone Larry in 2006, and Cyclone Yasi in 2011.

    How Solar Power Systems Work?
    Solar PV systems generate electricity from sunlight. The solar panels are made up of many photovoltaic (PV) cells which collect the light from the sun and convert this into DC current. This is fed through an inverter and converted to 240V AC to power your home. The amount of electricity you can produce depends on the number of panels and their efficiency, the size of the inverter, the orientation of your roof and the amount of sunlight in your location.


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    Do I still remain on the main power grid?
    Yes, so that when you generate more electricity than you need, you can feed it back into the grid. Or you can purchase more electricity from the grid when the sun’s not shining or when your system is not producing enough to meet your requirements.

     How do I know what is the right system for my household or business?

    There are a few things worth considering:

    • Your current power usage
    • Your roof space and the orientation of your roof 

     Want to reduce your bills even more? Why not install Solar Hot Water as well

    • Water heating is the second largest segment of household energy use, after space heating and cooling.
    • Solar water heater uses up to 50%-90%* less energy than a conventional electric water heater
    • Installing a solar water heater allows you to substantially reduce your energy consumption before installing Solar Power.
    • Solar Water Heaters store energy free from the sun in a tank for later use, just like a battery.
    • Solar Water Heater collector panels take up about 1/3** of the roof space needed for an equivalent sized PV system.



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