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Solahart Atmos-Frost Heat Pump

Solahart Atmos Heat Pumps have proven to be a smart choice for Australians who my not be able to go solar but are looking for an energy-efficient alternative to an electric water heater.

The new frost-tolerant addition to the Solahart Atmos Heat Pump ramge can be installed in almost any location in Australia, as it is suitable for harsh water, cold climates and tropical conditions. 

Atmos-Frost uses the heat energy in the surrounding air, not direct solar radiation, to heat water.  It’s a reliable, efficient way to reduce purchased energy for water heating and cut greenhouse emmissions without the need for solar collectors.

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Key Features


Solahart Atmos-Frost is an energy efficient Heat Pump Water Heater designed to be installed in areas where traditional solar hot water systems may not be suitable. The Solahart Atmos-Frost Heat Pump can be installed in almost any location in Australia, as it is suitable for harsh water, cold climates, and tropical conditions.

  • COP OF 4.5: Coefficient of Performance (COP) of 4.5** making it a highly efficient water heater to help reduce energy consumption
  • Enamel-Lined Water Tank The high-quality durable enamel coating reduces the risk of corrosion and water leakage.
  • Side Fan Design: A design that provides maximum airflow and protects from the rain.
  • Micro-channel Technology: Provides a larger contact area to maximise heat transfer efficiency. The wrap-around design of the micro-channels enables installation in harsh water areas.
  • Smart LED Controller Display: A bright interactive LED touchscreen display putting control at your fingertips
  • Heavy Duty Top Cover: The ASA^ top cover withstands harsh weather conditions.

How Heat Pump Water Heaters Work

The efficient heat pump technology extracts energy from the surrounding air. Ambient warmth is used to convert the refrigerant within the sealed system into a gas. The gas is then compressed to generate even more heat which then heats the water in the tank. What’s more this process can work day or night, in sunshine and rain, all year round.

When hot water is drawn off and cold water enters the tank, the thermostat activates the fan and the compressor. The operation of the compressor causes a pressure difference within the sealed refrigeration system. This pressure difference causes the refrigerant to move around the sealed system. The refrigerant enters the evaporator as a liquid. As the refrigerant absorbs heat from the atmosphere it changes state, at low pressure, from a sub cooled liquid to a super-heated vapour or gas (evaporates). The vapour then enters the compressor and obtains more heat, known as heat of compression, and passes into the heat exchanger as a super-heated vapour at high pressure.

As the refrigerant passes through the micro-channel heat exchanger wrapped around the storage cylinder, it gives off heat which is absorbed by the water inside the cylinder. As the refrigerant gives off heat it cools and changes state back into a liquid (condenses). The refrigerant then enters the evaporator again and the cycle is repeated. The resulting cold air is then discharged through the air outlet louvers back to atmosphere. This process continues while ever heating is required until the water in the storage tank reaches a temperature of 60°C.  



User-Friendly Smart Control

The Solahart Atmos-Air Heat Pump comes with an inbuilt touch LCD display. It is user-friendly and boasts a range of features, operation modes and settings:

  • Clock
  • Usable hot water quantity display
  • Water temperature display
  • Dual timer function
  • Vacation Mode – conserve energy when you are on holidays
  • Manual electric heating mode – For emergency hot water requirements in the event of the heat pump developing a fault 
  • Automatic de-icing Function – automatic de-icing in frost conditions

The Smart Way To Create Hot Water Out Of Thin Air


* Solahart Warranty Details: 7/3/2 warranty; 7-year cylinder supply, 3-year labour on cylinder, 2-year parts including labour. Applies to a single-family domestic dwelling only. All other applications have a 3/1/1 warranty; 3-year cylinder supply, 1-year cylinder labour, 1-year parts including labour.

** Testing condition: 19°C/15°C (Dry bulb/Wet bulb), relative humidity of 66% and heating water from 15°C to 60°C.

^ Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate (ASA) is an amorphous thermoplastic with improved weather resistance.

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