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The LG Chem is a home battery that charges during the day using electricity generated from solar panels or from the grid when utility rates are low.

  • It powers your home in the evening when the sun is not shining or when the utility rates are higher.
  • Uses state of the art lithium ion energy storage technology to deliver high quality battery storage.
  • Initially developed for the car industry, the technology has been adapted and made available for home use.
  • The system is easy to install, completely automated and requires no maintenance.
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Key Feature

  • Uses innovative stack and folding technologies to achieve higher energy density and small unit size.
  • The LG Chem lithium ion cells apply battery pouch cell technology to improve efficiency, minimize dead space, improve stability and extend battery lifetime.
  • The LG CHEM RESU10H charges during the day using electricity generated from solar panels or from the grid during low utility rates.
  • The battery will power your home during the evening when at night or days with cloudy conditions, or when utility rates are higher.
  • Industry leading LG Chem technology with high desity provides a compact product with a stylish alumimium design.
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