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BYD Battery-Box LV

  • The BYD Battery-Box Low Voltage (LV) is a 48 V lithium-ion battery that charges using electricity generated either from your solar panels or from the grid when the utility rates are low.
  • This power is then used to power your home in the evening, when the sun is not shining or when utility rates are higher.
  • Modular and scalable in design, it provides flexibility and ease of installation.
  • Suitable for all domestic applications.
  • With stackability of 1 to 4 B-PLUS L 3.5 modules, this battery is capable of delivering between 3.5 and 14.0 kWh of usable energy.
  • It is possible to connect up to 3 Battery-Box LV in parallel, to deliver a maximum of 42.0 kWh.
BYD battery box lv victorian solar

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BYD Battery Box LV

Key Feature

  • Modular design allows for ultimate customisation
  • It charges during the day using electricity generated from solar panels or from the grid when utility rates are low.
  • It powers your home in the evening when the sun is not shining or when the utility rates are higher.
  • Uses state of the art lithium ion energy storage technology to deliver high quality battery storage.
  • Easy installation
  • Free standing

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